A Photoshoot With Kids: Behind the Magic

Where one tries to get the perfect a great a smiling a picture where all the kids are looking at the camera for the Christmas card.

With Christmas approaching, moms have been going through the yearly ritual of trying to get the perfect photo of their kids for the annual Christmas card. As a mother of three sons and a former professional photographer, I understand the struggle. I have been part of the holiday  kid-wrangling “please-sit-still-and-smile-for-just-one-picture, Can we make this one work? No? Maybe we should just take these individual pictures and put them all together on the card, do you think anyone will notice? Ughhh look at this one, everyone else looks like they’ve been downing the eggnog but I look good so maybe this is the right picture, just, you know what?!!! Let’s go with this one. No one looks terrible in this one” ritual myself more times than I can count.

So this morning (three days before Christmas), I decided I better get my wild brood together and get our perfect holiday photo too. No time to send cards but at least I can hand them out when I see people on Christmas and of course, post them on Facebook- that covers most everyone anyways, right?

Now I finally got the perfect an acceptable photo where all three kids are actually looking at the camera at once:

I know, not terrible right?!


It would be more impressive if I didn’t tell you that I took 154 photos just to get this and it was actually a photoshopped  combo of these two photos:

boys12-20-13-17  boys12-20-13-5


But because I want to make all the parents out there feel better about themselves, I’m going to share some of the rejects runners up from the photo shoot. I have a feeling most people will recognize most, if all of these from their own family photos.

The one where someone is being accidentally choked.


Where one child picks his nose

The one where the poor, neglected middle child is picking his nose.

and then eating it for nourishment while giggling at how gross he is.


Where one child tries to eat his brother

The one where one brother tries to eat another brother’s arm.


and then his brother licks his ear in retaliation.

and then the one where his brother licks his ear in retaliation.


The one where everyone looks sightly drunk.

The one where everyone looks slightly drunk and there are more hands than children in the photo.



The one where no one can seem to cooperate.



and finally, the one where the baby finds one of the Christmas ornaments that his brothers have pulled off the tree to throw at each other and tries to eat it, blissfully unaware of the dozen or so poisonous chemicals it probably contains.


Merry Christmas all. Hope everyone has a great time with their family and friends!

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